Graphology, also known as Graphoanalysis, is a process that is used by experts to find out personality traits and details about an individual, based on their handwriting. Graphology, also known as Graphoanalysis


Graphology is the study of handwriting, as used to infer a person’s character. The theory underlying it is that handwriting is an expression of personality. Therefore, a systematic analysis of the way words and letters are formed can reveal traits of a person’s personality. It is a blend of art and science.


Ludwig Klages, a German psychologist, and philosopher was the founder of modern Graphology. The word “Graphology” is derived from the combination of the Greek word “Grapho” (meaning writing) and “Logos” (meaning discussion or theory).

Around 1830, Jean-Hippolyte Michon became interested in handwriting analysis. He founded Societe Graphologique in 1871 and soon published his findings. Alfred Benet was convinced to carry on research into Graphology from 1893 to 1907 and called it ” The Science of the Future “. After World War I, interest in Graphology continued to spread in Europe as well as the United States. With the passage of time, Graphology has gained popularity. And has been used to assess child development, provide career-related advice, and provide psychological analysis.


Graphology is not accepted as a real science. It is considered to be a pseudo-science, because of the evidence against it. It can be considered an extraordinary belief. And would require the faith that personality traits can be communicated, via conscious mental functions, through handwriting. To an extent, it also relies on confirmation bias, as people usually pay more attention to the details the graphologists enlist, that align with their opinions of the subject, rather than mistakes incurred.


Graphology or Handwriting analysis comes with a wider scope and over time it is gaining popularity. It is recognized as the best tool to analyze one’s character traits and personality. It not only helps to understand the personality of an individual but also aids in determining if he/she is undergoing any sort of mental or physical ailments, a history of alcohol or drug abuse, adjustment issues in any area of life, work-life performances, and more. Some of the conspicuous benefits of using Graphology are –
• You can Identifying one’s weakness
• Understanding others
• Compatibility analysis
• Candidate analysis before recruitment
• Child development
• Bank fraud detection/Criminology


Graphology is really beneficial if used properly. It is gaining popularity and you can use it to make your life better and stress-free.

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