We work to provide unique, safe and effective strategies for Pest Control in Kolkata  for residential as well as commercial clients.We work to provide unique, safe and effective strategies for Pest Control in India for residential as well as commercial clients.  we are specifically experience  in  providing Pest Control services in Kolkata and other parts of India for termites, cockroaches ,Rodent control , pre and post construction treatment , General insecticide Pest Control , fogging , sterilization , fumigation etc   . We only use chemicals which are recommended by World Health Organisation . We are registered under the West Bengal Government Agricultural to provide pest control services and stock and sell chemicals for Pest Control . We are also registered with National institute of Pest management .Besides this we engage in bulk commercial Pest management assignments also. We also engage in bulk de-weeding  services .These services are made to meet your needs and requirements; customized to your business premises. These general pest control service is rendered in accordance with quality standards by consuming high grade, organic, safe, odorless pest control solutions and sprays. Being organic and made from natural materials, the sprays and solutions used are skin friendly and harmless to humans. Our pest control services do not need to clear the area or even cover food. In addition to the general insecticide pest control service, we also offer pest specific service for Centipedes, Fruit flies, Millipedes, Lizards, Spiders, Silverfish, Drain flies, Red & black ants etc. You can opt for specialized services and integrated package covering all pests as well. We carry out these services at any time of the day, as per your convenience. Moreover, you will not have to leave the premises for the pest control treatment. To meet all your needs we provide a customizable, strategic, yet economically viable solutions to remove those creepy pests from your house.

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