In the past, the cleaning industry in India was not so vibrant. Due to poor services and the least use of machines and equipment in the cleaning of offices or residences, the company had almost lost its sheen until it started regaining its lost credibility after 2010. But now the economic experts in India are seeing the cleaning industry as one of the businesses with better prospects of growth in the coming years. Some of the Major Reasons for the Growth of Office Cleaning Service in India are as Follows:

1. The reasons include the increase in the double income households and a major increase in the income per household in India.

2. As the population of the country increases and a growth in the number of the empty nest households the growth of the cleaning industry looks obvious now in the country. The double income families which juggle with young children and hundreds of other responsibilities hardly find time or energy to keep their house or office clean.

3. On the other hand, the cleaning services in the country provide services to people at very less prices. For a double income family, the cost of the cleaning services per week will be negligible. Moreover, the double income families in India see housekeeping services as the luxury more than a necessity.

4. The disposable income per family across the country in 2017 is now at an all-time high. Due to some visible cons of the availing the maid services, even the average income families have now shifted to the housekeeping services in Metropolitan cities of India

5. Moreover, the flexibility offered by the cleaning services in India is one more reason why the trust of the people is gradually building over this industry. You can opt for a normal cleaning service for your office or go for a deeper cleaning service. We  offer you cleaning services for deep sanitizing sofas, chairs and other furniture.

6. In your office, the desks carpets, pantry, floor and appliance are the focus of attention and hence need regular cleaning. The cleaning services offer you cleaning services from cleaning floors to the deep sanitization of the washrooms and the pantry.

7. The cleaning industry in India can be categorized into office cleaning services, residential cleaning.

8. In the past, the cleaning industry in India was not so vibrant. Due to poor services and the least use of machines and equipment in the cleaning of offices or residences, the company had almost lost its sheen until it started regaining its lost credibility after 2010 and particularly 2015.

9. The flexibility in the laws has made it easier to start a successful cleaning company in India. And the relatively low capital investment, low level of market share and the extreme demand for the cleaning services in the country has given a new life to the cleaning industry in India.

10. The majority of the income of the cleaning companies in India comes from the retail and commercial sectors along with health care. The other major sources of their income are the household services.

Advantages of Opting Office Cleaning Service in Kolkata

1. It Relieves Stress When you opt for office cleaning services, it creates a neat and organized kind of atmosphere that limits distractions and you are able to concentrate more on your work, not on your clutter.

2. Reflects Your Personality The neat and tidy workplace reflects your personality and you look like an organizer Genius. It portrays a better image of you as a boss in the office and you appear pulled-together and productive otherwise disorganized and sloppy.

3. Increase Efficiency The need and tidy workplace increase efficiency and limit distractions. The cluttered desk will always pull your mind off from your task. When your workplace looks organized, it becomes easier for you to focus on your work. You will have space available to keep things rather than pushing mess aside to carve space out of your water bottle.

4. Prevents health problems The untidy office causes many health problems to your staff. They often suffer from health issues like a stomach bug, vomiting and allergy.

5. Ensures Safety Of Employees The neat and tidy Office doesn’t only mean having a fresh and sparkling building; it also means to ensure the safety of employees. The safety of employees is in their best health. The work space injuries due to clutter and messy office can prove a great loss to your business.


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