INTRODUCTION : Since the mid 1990s, web traffic has been the largest portion of internet traffic. This figure is determined by the number of visitors and the number of pages they visit. Sites often aim to increase their web traffic because more website traffic can grow your business, expand your product line, open more locations and develop more services and products.


Website traffic refers to web users who visit a website. In other word, web traffic is the amount of data sent and received by visitors to a website. Website traffic is measured in visits and is a common way to measure the effectiveness of an online business at attracting audience. Sites monitor the incoming and outgoing traffic to see which parts or pages are popular and if there are any apparent trend.


Digital marketing allows you to use the right technique to attract more people to your website and increase website traffic organically, sans much effort. Attracting more customers to your business does not have to be as difficult as you imagine. There are few simple hacks for free website traffic increase –

• USE SEO TO YOUR ADVANTAGE – Improve your website’s SEO or Search Engine Optimization. The better optimised your content is, the higher your posts will rank on the various search engine’s result pages. Keywords play a vital role in this and if you don’t know how to pick the right keywords for your content, you can use various online tools and services to pick the most successful keywords for your content.

• INCLUDE THE RIGHT AUDIO-VISUAL CONTENT – Using the right pictures, write-ups  and videos for your website can be truly helpful in improving the quality of your content. You will also succeed to make your articles more interesting for your audience as the audio-visual content will catch their eyes and make your posts a lot more interesting for them to go through.

• PROMOTE YOUR BRAND THROUGH SOCIAL MEDIA – Social media pages are an excellent way to promote your content and attract more people to your website. With billions of users, social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can become an excellent means of online promotion for your website. Create your own social media pages and use your website’s name as the username.

• PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR HEADLINES – Headlines need to be catchy as they say a lot about your articles’ main point. Headlines are an excellent way for you to incorporate important keywords in your article and hence make it easier to discover online by your website visitors.

• USE INBOUND LINKS – Inbound links are essentially links that will help redirect your website traffic to another website page, which can be your posts or products. These links can be placed in the posts very quickly and as a result, you will achieve increased traffic on your website and your posts will get many more clicks.

• START AN EMAIL MARKETING CAMPAIGN – Email marketing campaigns are an essential part of digital marketing and can prove to be very helpful to increase website traffic fast. You can start with creating an email that will target your current contacts and motivate them to invite a friend to join your email list in lieu of a useful discount code on your website or anything else you believe your client might enjoy.


If you have website traffic increase goal, it is also essential to understand traffic channels. Traffic channel is the marketing term to denote the medium through which the traffic comes. There are five key channels namely Social (website visitors originating from social media platform), Organic (traffic coming from organic search engines like Google), Direct  (those who visit directly by typing the address of your website), Referral  ( those who came through the channel of referral marketing) and others.


You can try these methods and increase your website traffic, which in turn will benefit your business immensely.

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