Kolkata Facilities Management Private Limited (KFM Pvt. Ltd.) is a trusted and reputed facility management organization in Kolkata ,India ,that is engaged in offering a huge range of services to the clients in diverse domains. Being in the business in Kolkata  for many years, we hold an expertise in offering you a myriad of services such as Man Management Services in Kolkata and also on Pan India basis, Cleaning & Housekeeping Services in Kolkata and also on Pan India basis, Facility Management Services in Kolkata and also on Pan India basis , Pest Control Services  in Kolkata and also on Pan India basis & Waste Management, Skill Development & Meditation Programs, Security Services, Business Research & Corporate Social Responsibility Mechanisms, Gardening Services and many more in Kolkata and also on Pan India basis.

We, through our specialized services offer I F M / HOUSEKEEPING / WASTE MANAGEMENT & SECURITY, professionally ensure the practice of 6 S ( SORT / SET IN ORDER / SHINE / STANDARDIZE / SUSTAIN / SAFETY) & KAIZEN (We strive our focus on Continual Improvement)in Kolkata and also on Pan India basis.

KFM Pvt. Ltd. having their registered office in Kolkata, also share a successful status of major presence in PAN INDIA Level and having a huge experience in this field, we offer services that are highly acclaimed in the market for their many features and characteristics including efficient functioning, reliable operations and perfect performance. We offer our services to various industries and domains such as Corporates, Industries, Housing Complex, Hospitals, Institutes, Hotels etc. We have a team of specialized personnel who are engaged in providing you the best possible results. All the people working for us, are either outsourced or are hired after a thorough identity check and verification, to ensure that the person working at your premises is a genuine and respectable person.

Our Existence:

Nigel Akkara, a young and energetic person from Kolkata was looking for a job to earn his livelihood . He searched and struggled a lot but could not find one to support his family and himself. Thus, Nigel Akkara instead of feeling depressed with his unemployment situation, transformed his mindset strongly with full confidence and energy to start something by his own. An entrepreneur with a basket of services, launched Kolkata Facilities Management (KFM) in 2010.

KFM began with only two people. Its main area of operation was cleaning. With time, the services and staff were increased and our prime motto was rehabilitation of ex-prisoners and upliftment of rural youth in West Bengal. In 2014, when KFM was a team of more than 200 members, Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Kolkata made KFM a case study in the social entrepreneurship section.

In 2016, with increased responsibility and cooperation, KFM was transformed into a Private Limited Company. Now, this social responsible company moves with a motto towards development of youth (especially backward youth) with no halting.

Our Directors:

Mr. Nigel Akkara (Founder & Director) He is not only the managing director of the Company but also An actor , who acted in several Bengali Feature films as well as a few South Indian feature films .But this is where he began from . His imprisonment for 9 years , did not shake him , instead made him stronger and he keeps on Inspiring many not only in India but elsewhere too.

Mr. Arijit Paul (Director) An ex-prisoner  from Kolkata who was once rehabilitated through Kolkata Facilities Management after his release . He is a full time director , in-charge of the administration , finance and operation of Kolkata Facilities Management.

Mr. Prajna Dutta (Director) He studied Direction and Screenplay writing from Satyajit Ray Film and Television Instititute, Kolkata. He is an interdisciplinary artist from Kolkata , He is a musician , a martial artist , Photographer as well as a Short film Director . reputed reputed reputed