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Trained and disciplined Housekeeping and cleaning staffs for office ,Factories , Guest Houses, Restaurants,Hotels and Educational Institutes.

Pest Control

Pest Management is one of our core strength , we provide all types of pest management services at the most affordable cost.


We are specialized in celebrity security management , we secure any event occasion or your premises through our Bouncer security management.

Facility Management

We supply Electricians,Plumber, Liftman,Labour,Supervisor,Dg operators and any Facility Management staffs as per the clients requirement.


We Facilitate your surroundings.

Kolkata Facilities Management Private Limited (KFM Pvt. Ltd.) is a trusted and reputed facility management organization in Kolkata ,India ,that is engaged in offering a huge range of services to the clients in diverse domains. Being in the business in Kolkata  for many years, we hold an expertise in offering you a myriad of services such as Man Management Services in Kolkata and also on Pan India basis, Cleaning & Housekeeping Services in Kolkata and also on Pan India basis, Facility Management Services in Kolkata and also on Pan India basis , Pest Control Services  in Kolkata and also on Pan India basis & Waste Management, Skill Development & Meditation Programs, Security Services, Business Research & Corporate Social Responsibility Mechanisms, Gardening Services and many more in Kolkata and also on Pan India basis.

Why choose us

Providing new and effective solutions

Safe & Secure

Properly verified staffs , antecedants checked , local police stations are informed before appointment

Instant exchange

Instant exchange of staff with slightest complaint or dissatisfaction of customers , Instant supply of reliever in case of a leave or absent . 24 hours guarantee of service

Pest Experts support

For Pest Management services we provide you , inspection by the experts , who not only suggest on the best service solution ,but also suggest you on cost effective methods


We allow 30 days credit facility , customer can avail cash/cheque/payment wallets/NEFT?RTGS/Wire Transfer and E.M.I facilities to Pay the bill

Mobile invigilators

We maintain round-the-clock invigilation and supervision on the contracts and staffs involved with KFM , to give you the best and secure service possible

Recurring Customers

Once a customer avails the service from KFM , there is a tendency of repeating the service , It has been a custom from the last 10 years of our existence

Sanitization Process

Our Fight Against COVID-19

Our team, Kolkata Facility Management is a service provider, offering services to almost many sectors of Kolkata. Our works have lately included house cleaning, pantry, security services and the like.
During this tragic scenario caused by the Covid-19 virus, a pandemic lockdown has been observed all over the nation as an initiative to break the chain of spread by maintaining social distancing.

With Nigel Akkara as our founder, we, as a team, came up with an objective to volunteer for sanitizing the parts of the localities. Our office has been closed down and 20% of our staff was deployed to work in terms of emergency for the initiative while the rest 80% are observing strict terms of lockdown as held mandatory by the government.
Sensitive work areas and places populated with nucleated settlements are constantly under threat from the attack of germs and microorganisms. Therefore, we decided to sterilize the areas with ULV misting machines and chemicals followed by a steady truck drive along the lanes. Considering the procedures involved in the entire locality, we completed the second phase of disinfecting the areas at Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation.

We’ve sought the use of Steriguard Treatment in detoxification while spraying it on the doors, windows and houses of the areas, being careful to avoid the trees and plants. The Steriguard Treatment is a preventive treatment and after the aeration is complete, no residue of the disinfectants used remain suspended in the area treated.

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