Housekeeping training is typically completed during the new-hire training, but as with any task, training reinforcement helps keep skills sharp. Contact us today to find out more about a training session that can help you and your team! Housekeeping is not just about cleaning up . We train staffs of different organisations in kolkata , how create a difference with their style of working .The impression of a housekeeping staff to a client always matter . We train them to change their outlook as well as expertise towards the housekeeping task undertaken by them .

What could your team walk out the door with?

• A better understanding of WHY cleaning a room properly is important.
• A plan to make daily changes to better manage cleaning tasks.
• An understanding about what guests might experience during their stay and what it means if they complain.
• A better understanding of the importance of housekeeping standards.
• How to develop standard housekeeping operating procedures.
• How to greet and interact with a guest to make the right impression.

  • Discipline and attitude development.
  • Chemical usage and equipment handling.
  • Emergency management and household techniques .
  • Time management.
  • Working checklist management .