A workplace is a location where someone works for his/her employer and such a place can range from a home office to a large office building or a factory. In any place of work, usually there are many employees who work together. When they work together efficiently to achieve a common goal, that is called a teamwork. Teamwork is important in an organisation because it provides employees with an opportunity to bond with one another which in turn improves interpersonal relation among them. Teamwork definitely enables you to accomplish tasks faster and more efficiently than tackling projects individually. Thus we can say that an office ambience with good teamwork promotes an atmosphere that fosters friendship and loyalty. These close-knit relationships motivate employees and align them to work, encourages them to co-operate and be supportive of one another. Thus, it can be said without any ambiguity, that when employees work as a team, everyone wins. To quote the Apple Co-founder Steve Jobs, ” Great things in business are never done by one person; they are done by a team of people “.


• Foster creativity through camaraderie – When people are comfortable with their team they are more likely to listen and learn from one another, thus engaging in discussions that allow them to gain new perspectives. The inspiration and ideas that can result, benefit the individual team and the organisation as a whole.

• Work with individual strengths – Consider individual strengths, expertise and availability to ensure the highest quality output. The team members themselves can decide on the delegation of authority rather than having assignments handed to them by management.

• Take risks together – Encourage your team to take calculated risks. Shared goals go hand in hand with shared risk.

• Empower employees – In order to make your workforce creative and productive, empower them. Involve them in all the possible stages of decision-making and they will be more likely to be involved, motivated and invested in the organisation’s success.

• Celebrate team success – In order to make the employees feel motivated, take time out to celebrate their achievements along the path towards common goals. Recognise significant milestones and arrange for celebrating team lunch or give reward to an individual for his/her contribution.


• Teamwork creates unity in the workplace – When teamwork is prevalent in the workplace, the whole team would be motivated and work towards the same goal in harmony. The close-knit relationships among themselves motivate employees and align them to work harder, co-operate and be supportive of one another.

• Teamwork offers differing perspectives and feedback – Good teamwork culture provides your organisation with a diversity of thought, creativity, perspectives, opportunities and problem solving approaches. A proper team environment allows individuals to brainstorm collectively which in turn increases their capacity of problem solving and arrive at solutions efficiently and effectively.

•Teamwork provides improved efficiency and productivity – Teamwork allows the workload to be shared, reduce the pressure on individuals and ensure completion of tasks within a set time frame. It makes goals more attainable, ensures optimisation of performance, improves job satisfaction and increases workpace.

• Teamwork provides great learning opportunities – Working in a team enables us to learn from one another’s mistakes. You will be able to avoid future errors, gain insight from various perspectives and learn new concepts from more experience colleagues. Thus working in a team provides great learning opportunities. 



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