Landscape maintenance or garden maintenance is the art and vocation of keeping a landscape healthy, clean, safe and attractive by using tools, supplies, knowledge, physical exertions and skills. This work needs a lot of effort because landscapes are not self-sustaining and they are always evolving and growing. For basic landscaping and garden maintenance, the tasks that are to be done invlove the following :

• Weekly Mowing – Keeping the lawn mowed regularly will help maintain the manicured and clean look and at the same time will keep the pests away.

• Fertilisation – Mowing on a regular basis will keep your lawn manicured but in order to keep it healthy, you must fertilise it on a daily basis. Fertilisation not only helps to improve the colour of the turf but it thickens the lawn to help reduce the chance of weeds growing.

• Spring and fall clean up – Seasonal clean-ups are an absolutely essential component of landscape maintenance plans. To keep the landscape in proper shape, spring and fall clean ups are mandatory. These clean-ups should include landscape maintenance services like pruning, debris removal, mulching, cutting back perennials and ornamental grasses and re-edging the beds.

• Leaf removal – During these two seasons, leaves start falling off the trees in huge number. Though it is obviously a part of the seasonal clean up process, leaf removal is such a big task that it can actually be considered a category of its own.

• Bed maintenance – Plant bed maintenance should be performed on an ongoing basis in both the spring and fall. Without regular maintenance the weeds will grow rapidly and will destroy the landscape. Weeding frequently will actually reduce the amount of work each time it needs to be done, so that weeds don’t seed off and spread so rapidly.

• Plant health care – Regular health care for small trees and shrubs include regular pruning and fertilisation as well as spraying pesticides and insecticides.

• Aeration and over seeding – Aeration is done to make your lawn breathe. Core aeration makes small holes throughout the lawn that allow more air, water and nutrients to penetrate below the surface. As the soil cores are pulled out of these holes and placed on the surface, aeration also helps reduce soil compaction. Aeration time is also the best opportunity to overseed, as the seed-to-soil contact will allow for better growth. This service is best performed in the fall.

• Watering the lawn – Regularly watering the lawn is very important to help maintain its health. Apart from the manual watering, a professional irrigation system can also be used.

• Lawn weed control treatments – To prevent the growth of weed, you can consider preventive weed control measures. Pre and post emergent applications will help keep your lawn free from pesky weeds.

• Top dressing – Since the soil in many places contains a lot of clay, a top dressing is really important to add organic matter into the soil in order to provide valuable nutrients for glass and plants.


We, at KFM Pvt Ltd, are engaged in offering a huge range of facility management services to our clients, in diverse  domains. We offer a wide variety of building maintenance services, of which landscape maintenance or garden maintenance is hugely popular. We offer customised landscape maintenance services to suit the needs of our customers, depending on the size of the property, the services one desires and the budget. We also have clients who add more services at a later date and we can always change your maintenance plans as your needs change. Our landscape professionals are expertly trained and use high quality products and equipments to ensure that you get the best possible landscape maintenance services. We provide these services all year round to maintain the greenery near you, at a pocket friendly rate.


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