Appreciation, in dictionary term, can be defined as recognition and acknowledgement of the good qualities of someone or something. It is a feeling of expression of admiration, approval or gratitude. In workplace, appreciation improves productivity. Thus productivity is directly proportional to appreciation. According to a survey, more than 35% of employees consider lack of recognition of their work as the biggest hindrance to their productivity. Simply, the easiest and the most effective way to recognise an employee’s contribution is to be appreciative. Well-recognised employees have more drive and determination, better work relationships, improved personal standing and stronger connections to their company. In fact, employees who receive proper appreciation for their efforts are more likely to generate innovations and have increased efficiency.


In the workplace, appreciation plays a key role in creating a positive organisational culture and strengthening employer-employee relationships. Several studies have shown that appreciation is one of the proven methods to motivate employees, make them more productive and committed to their jobs.  There are actually several reasons why leader should show appreciation in the workplace, some of which include –

• Appreciations improves productivity –  When employees know that their hard work is appreciated and recognised, they feel good that their work is valued. This motivates them to a great extent to maintain and improve their good performance.

• Appreciations improves workplace morale – An employee who feels appreciated is highly likely to show appreciations to their co-workers and other team members. Thus showing appreciations to an employee creates ripple effect in the workplace.

• Appreciations keeps employees engaged – Showing appreciations in the workplace not only improves productivity but also increases emoloyee engagement and dedication.

• Appreciations helps to build up staff loyalty – Employees of those companies who do not receive appreciations for their efforts, often quit jobs. A recent study shows that 66% of emoloyees leave their job because of lack of appreciations.


You can actually tell your colleagues, co-workers and employees how much you value them and their contribution to the job, any day of the year because for appreciations, no special day is required. As a matter of fact, small surprises and tokens of your appreciations spread throughout the year, help the people in your work life feel valued by you, all year long. Some great ways to show appreciations are –

• Praise a job well done : Identify the specific actions that you found admirable and praise it. This praise feels sincere since you took the time out to spell out the details.

• Say ” Thank you ” : A gracious, polite and civilised workplace is appreciated by all. Show your appreciations for their hard work and contributions. Also say ” please ” quite often.

• Offer flexible scheduling : A flexible work schedule is a benefit which is desired by the employees all the time. Thus offer flexible scheduling, as a reward of employees’ contributions.

• Present a personalised gift : Present a small gift occasionally that contains your personal touch.  A small gift of appreciations and the gesture of providing it will light up your co-worker’s day.

• Provide an opportunity for advancement : People want chances for training and cross-training. They want to participate in a special committee where their talents would be noticed. Spread the wealth of opportunity among all employees. They will genuinely appreciate that.

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