A new concept that is being talked about by corporate people all across the globe is employee wellness program. In today’s life, when stress and competition are haunting us in every sphere, wellness program is something that the global citizens are resorting to, in order to de-stress themselves. Employee wellness programs are programs undertaken by an employer in order to improve employee health and also to help individual employees overcome particular health-related problems. The employer can offer compulsory employee training, staff seminars or even work with a third-party provider offering a variety of wellness programs. Actually, employees are invaluable assets of any company and hence ensuring their mental and physical health assures not only good productivity but also a friendly ambience. Thus the health and wellness of its employees usually have a direct effect on the productivity and profits of a compnay. Many employers, in today’s world, understand this and they are willing to spend money on such programs.


• Healthy lunch and snacks – With only a few minutes to take lunch, many workers opt to eat fast food. Employers can provide enough time to head home to eat a healthy home-made lunch. Some companies have cafeterias that offer catered snacks and lunches to their workers. Different healthy snack delivery services have emerged, too. The prospect of healthy eating at the workplace appeals to everyone.

• Assistance programs – One basic prerequisite of emoloyee wellness program is to cater to the mental needs of the employees. Many work-related stress issues experienced by employees can be addressed through guided support programs outside the workplace. Employers can also provide personal support for issues such as substance abuse, stress, anxiety and depression.

• Fitness activities -Some companies provide on-site gym services and fitness classes to help their employees keep fit. Some even have facilities like after-work exercise groups,  swimming pools and sports ground for their staff.

• Naps – A nap after lunch, during a hectic day always leaves one feeling reinvigorated. Some innovative companies have specialised nap rooms, where workers who want to take a brief nap, can go.


Benefits of implementing employee wellness programs, are gradually experienced by companies over the time. Some of the benefits include –

• More productivity – Employees who eat healthy and exercise regularly are likely to be more productive than those who don’t.

• High employee morale – Wellness programs make employees feel appreciated and valued and that makes them happier. Thus this initiative ensures high employee morale.

• Improves recruitment and retention of employees – Good wellness programs wil help companies to hire, as well as retain, the best employees. Wellness plans play a pivotal role in employee retention, by helping to keep the employees loyal.

• Reduced absenteeism – Due to employees being healthier and suffering less stress, workplaces with wellness programs experience less absenteeism.

• Reduced health risks – Lower health risks are results of comprehensive wellness programs. Low health risks lead to reduced healthcare costs.

• Builds camaraderie among workers – These programs help in the interaction among employees as they participate in activities unrelated to work, like sports, going to the gym or eating lunch together. These interactions facilitate bonding that helps team work better together. 



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