Over the last century, Science has made unprecedented progress and machines have replaced workers in many tasks. On balance, however, technology has created more jobs than it has displaced. Technological progress has transformed living standards. Old routine-based jobs that were once popular like data entry, Book keeping, etc are becoming redundant and new professions are trending. Digitalisation, armed with emerging technologies, are changing the job scenario pretty fast. According to the world economic forum, the adoption of new technologies and structural changes in businesses are predicted to provide over 133 million new jobs in domain like Health care, STEM ( Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics ), Education and Work force management by 2022. In a developing country like ours, choosing the right career path has always been critical for students. Moreover, with several industries being impacted badly by the pandemic, it has become imperative for students to consider a profession that is not only recession-resilient, but will continue to be in high demand in the future. To choose wisely, it is essential to know about the emerging career options in India.


• Artificial Intelligence Specialist – Unarguably, artificial intelligence tops the list of emerging career options in India,  by the dint of its endless benefits to the society as a whole. Better known as AI, it is the simulation process of human intelligence practiced by machines. It is designed deftly to take place of human thinking. AI provides innumerable technological roles in machine learning development and data science.

• Data Analyst – Data analytics is one of the most prominent emerging careers in India. Data security has become a major concern for today’s companies and a lot of issues concerning the security of data can be resolved via data analytics. Data analysts translate trajectories, trends and numbers into digestible chunks of information which are invaluable for business. Thus there is an endless demand for analytics professionals and huge job opportunities.

• IT Architects – IT architects are the ones behind the improved communication networks and information management. They have a lot of work to do – right from an initial brainstorming to the complete testing of the systems. This position lures every IT individual due to its high position and is really one of the fastest developing fields of profession.

• Digital Marketing – Digital marketing is also going to be one of the fast-growing careers in India in future. Whether one is running a small or big business, one always needs a digital marketing specialist to strengthen his/her online presence. To grow in this competitive world, businesses need to be visible on the Internet and thus digital marketer’s services are selling like hot cakes to beat this competition.

• Cloud Engineer – Cloud computing is fast becoming one of the emerging business standards. A cloud engineer, who is basically an IT professional, executes all the technological duties that are allied with cloud computing which consists of planning, design, management and support. As maximum new applicants revolve around cloud computing, the future of cloud engineering is really promising. 

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