Termites are eusocial insects that were once classified in a separate order from cockroaches, but recent phylogenetic studies show that they evolved from cockroaches. Owing to their wood-Eating habits, many Termite species can do significant damage to unprotected buildings and other wooden structures. Their habit of remaining concealed often results in their presence being undetected until the timbers are severely damaged, with only a thin exterior layer of wood remaining. Thus termite infestation at home can be really tormenting; not because they bite or carry disease-causing germs, but because they harm our home slowly and steadily from within the cracked walls and the foundation. Actually, you will never realise the extent of damage until you call a pest exterminator to do an inspection. However, now a days, you can get termite treatment done before or during constructing your house. But, if for some reason you did not get a chance to get it done, you can always look for post-construction termite treatment services.


There is basically no difference in termite infestation, or its signs during pre or post construction period. But when it comes to treating the termite infestation, the methods to treat them are completely different. Following is the list of things that are done during post-construction termite treatment, by a professional pest control expert.

• Injecting termiticide solution in the walls and the floor junctions : The foremost step taken to destroy termite infestation in the post-construction stage is, by treating the walls and floor junctions. Holes of proper length are drilled deep into the inner junction of the walls and floors and then the termiticide solution is injected under pressure into these holes. This same procedure is repeated in every floor.

• Drilling holes under the wooden fixtures : The second step deals with the infestation in the wooden attachments. Holes are drilled under the wooden fixtures like the frames of doors and windows and then the anti-termite solution is injected inside these holes. Oil-based termiticide is also sprayed all over the wooden attachments that have termite infestation. A termite preventive treatment is provided to all other wooden fixtures in the home which are not yet infested.

• Treating the mud tunnels with Termiticides and destroying them : A termiticide solution is sprayed all over the mud tunnels built by the termites ( in order to control their movements ) and then the mud tunnels are destroyed or removed.

• Treating the surrounding foundation : In the final step, holes are drilled along the external walls of the building at a depth of 1feet, then a termiticide solution is injected and finally  the holes are sealed so that the termites get killed. And if your home has a garden, then the same treatment is meted out to the soil which is in direct contact with the building.


We, at KFM Pvt Ltd, specialise in all sorts of pest control services and our termite control service for both residential as well as commercial clients, is highly acclaimed in the market. The aforesaid service is provided with the help of high quality, safe and non-toxic chemicals using modern technology, in accordance to the set industrial norms and standards. It is always advisable to go for pre-construction termite treatment as it is less expensive and owing to lesser obstacles, it is possible to attain maximum coverage. However, if you miss out on the pre-construction treatment, you can always opt for a post-construction termite treatment. Even after staying for a certain span of time, if you see signs of termite infestation, immediately get in touch with professional experts because termite infestation is really very bad for your property. For a cost-effective and highly-specialised post-construction termite treatment service, contact us. We will ensure a termite-free surrounding for your building. 


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