KFM can provide you the professional pest control service you require .


Kolkata Facilities Management Private Limited, one of the foremost leading Facility management organisations in Kolkata, offers a huge range of services to its clientele. Of the myriad facility management services offered by us, Pest control service is one of the most important and is highly acclaimed. We work with the goal of providing unique, safe and effective pest control not only in Kolkata but also all across the nation. Here, it is mention worthy that we use only those chemicals that are recommended by World Health Organisation( WHO). We are registered under the West Bengal Government agricultural to provide pest control services and stock and sell chemicals for the same. We are also registered with National Institute of Pest Management.


Pest control is the regulation or management of a species defined as pest – a member of the animal kingdom that impacts adversely on human activities. In urban environments and homes, the pests include the rodents, insects and other organisms that share the habitat with humans. What is harmful is that, they feed on and spoil possessions, contaminate foodstuffs, carry disease and some are just a nuisance. There are several methods to control these pests which include exclusion, repulsion, physical removal or chemical means.

We, in Kolkata Facilities Management Private Limited, are specially experienced in providing pest control services for residential as well as commercial clients. Our expertise lies in controlling termites, cockroaches, rodents, pre and post construction treatment,  General insecticide pest control, fogging, sterilization, fumigation, etc. The general pest control service is rendered in accordance with quality standards by using high grade, organic, safe and odor less pest control solutions and sprays. The organic sprays and solutions which we use are made from natural materials. Thus they are skin friendly and harmless to humans. In fact, all the chemicals that we use are recommended by WHO.


In today’s competitive market, one needs to offer something unique and value worthy to make a mark. Keeping that in mind, we provide customized, strategic and yet economically viable solutions to all the pest-related problems of our clients. Apart from the general insecticide pest control service, we also offer pest specific service for centipedes, bed bugs, fruit flies, millipedes,  lizards, spiders, silver fish, drain flies, red and black ants, etc.

One can opt for specialized services and integrated package covering all pests as well. We provide these services at any time of the day,  according to the convenience of our clients and they do not need to leave the premises for the pest control treatment. They don’t even need to cover their foods for this.

With our experience and expertise in this field and our willingness to adapt to every changing situation, we have been serving our clients with aplomb for the past ten years and would continue to do so in the years to come!


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