Women today are making their presence felt in every economic sector and Business sector is no exception. For a woman to compete effectively in a male dominated industry, they must take measures that give them an edge.There are a few key ways in which women entrepreneurs can use their strengths to create a competitive advantage in Digital Marketing.


Traditionally, women’s roles were limited to the kitchen and raising children, while men worked and provided for the family. However, this position has shifted as women now hold significant positions in variuos fields of employment. The number of female leaders and entrepreneurs have risen significantly to indicate that business is also attracting a large number of enterprising women. A recent case study reveals that in the United States only, the number of Women-owned businesses has risen to 31% in 2021, from the 27% of the previous year. Women-owned business enterprises are playing a prominent role in the society inspiring others and generating more employment opportunities in every country. Behind some of the world’s most recognised brands today, there are female CEOs managing the trade most efficiently. They have proven to the Business Industry that they have what it takes to win as a driving force in their respective fields. From YouTube to Pepsi to Bumble to Heineken, there are some of the most talented female entrepreneurs, changing the game in a brand-new decade.


There is no doubt that the Digital landscape is rapidly evolving and women leaders and entrepreneurs should not shy away from these changes. Instead they should embrace them. These are the few steps that female business leaders and entrepreneurs should follow –

• Understand the Digital landscape and how it is changing – By learning about new technologies and how they can benefit their business, women will be able to capitalise on opportunities which they might otherwise would have missed. Spotting the trends early gives a better understanding of how to use those advantageously or how they can impact the business.

• Focus on Customer service and creating a great user experience – Women can achieve an edge over others by understanding the consumer better. Some women are naturally in tune with the emotions of others, which can help in understanding how users are responding to their products/services.

• Create women-friendly e-commerce shops or websites – Women who start businesses are often seen to venture into “female themed” businesses like hair salons, Petcare businesses, Boutiques, etc. But they often fail  to utilise their innate knowledge while marketing their products online. Those selling female-oriented products should design user-friendly and more importantly, women-friendly websites.

• Leverage Social media to grow business – Women have to speak out, build brands and position themselves as leadership authorities of this era. Thinking like a leader will empower them to utilise the numerous online tools to reach their targeted audience. As women typically have larger social media followers than their male counterparts, this is an opportunity to grow their brands. Female entrepreneurs who leverage social media, stand to accomplish more with their ventures.


Female business leaders need to craft better Digital Marketing strategies to highlight their business and outdo the competition. Irrespective of the size of their companies, female business leaders must optimise online marketing strategies to amplify communication and ensure constant growth.

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