Seasonal clean-ups are an absolutely essential component of landscape maintenance plans. To keep the landscape in proper shape, spring and fall clean ups are mandatory. Not only do they make the landscape aesthetically pleasing, but are also the key factors in sustaining a well-maintained and healthy landscape. Fall ushers in the cool weather months with shorter days and cooler temperatures and it is during this time that the leaves start falling off the trees in huge number. Though it is obviously a part of the fall clean-up process, leaf removal is such a big task that it can actually be considered a category of its own. Home owners often think that this whole procedure can be tackled in one go, but in reality it needs much more effort. The approach has to be methodical and it needs to be repeated. However, if you do not have the time necessary to clean up your garden and property, our cleaning crews at KFM Pvt Ltd. can take care of it, for you.


The process of cleaning up of fallen leaves need to be repeated, because the leaves continue to fall all throughout the season and thus require ongoing removal. Moreover they mostly need to be bagged and hauled away for proper disposal. Some other fall clean-up related services may include weed control, updating seasonal flowers, mulching with leaves/grass clippings, fertiliser applications, pruning, cleaning up branches and lawn debris and cutting the grass. Aesthetically, leaf removal gives a property a polished appearance but at the same time leaves are actually a great source of phosphorus. Thus it is important to introduce that into the soil, when possible. Therefore it is essential to strike a balance between providing a neat appearance to the landscape and leaving organic matter that will benefit the soil health.


Both fall and spring clean ups give your property an instant boost as cleaning debris and cleaning up plant material makes everything look better. There are several health benefits of these, too. However, these clean-ups require a lot of effort and time and hence it is often not possible for the property owners to do it themselves. KFM Pvt. Ltd is one of the most trusted and reputed facility management organisations in kolkata and our expert professionals specialise in landscape maintenance service. At KFM Pvt. Ltd., we handle leaf removal in three separate visits throughout the fall season in order to thoroughly get the job done. Leaves that are left behind are not only unsightly but can attract rodents and ticks to take up residence on your property during the winter months. We ensure thorough removal of leaves and debris and provide other clean up  related services. Our services are customised as per the requirements and needs of the individual client. we take payment only once the customer is fully satisfied.  Seasonal

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