Cleanliness has a vital role in the life of each and every person as well as the society in general. Cleanliness can be defined as both the abstract state of being clean and free from germs, dirt, trash or waste and the habit of achieving and maintaining that state. The chore of house cleaning may not always be fun, but nevertheless it has to be done as it is absolutely beneficial as well as essential for our well-being. Germs can cause us to get sick. Cleaning the house on a regular basis can kill upto 90% of the germs. Cleaning occurs in many different contexts and use many different methods. However, what is essential to keep in mind is that, we should not make certain common mistakes, which many people do while engaged in the activity of cleaning. Because if we do them, we are probably making our home dirtier, in an attempt to make it cleaner. CLEANING TECHNIQUES


• Do not use the same rag to clean the whole house, because in that way the bathroom germs get wiped on to the kitchen counters, living room and everywhere else. Use paper towels for each separate surface or use a microfiber cleaning cloth for each distinct area. These cloths can be thoroughly washed, later.

• Using a feather duster is also not a good choice. A duster spreads the dust around a surface or push it off to fall to the ground, instead of removing it. Thus it is better to use cleaning cloth or disposable paper towels.

• Another mistake we often make is cleaning from ground up. Always do the cleaning in opposite order like starting with windows, down to tables, counters, couches etc and finally sweeping ( or vacuuming ) and mopping the floor.

• If you use a vacuum cleaner, make it a point to change or empty vacuum bags or  canisters immediately after they become full. Because if they are not changed or cleaned after sometime, the machine operates less efficiently and at times blows back the dust into air and carpet by the dusty vent. CLEANING TECHNIQUES

• One mistake we often make while cleaning, is we spray a cleaner directly on to furniture, counter tops or glass. This can cause a build up of the solution and lead to greasy furniture  , surfaces and streaky windows. Instead, spray the solution on a microfiber cleaning cloth and then wipe the surface.

• Never forget to clean the washing machine at regular intervals. There’s a huge probability that after a few washes, skin cells, dust mites and stains from clothes will linger in the drum as well as on the lid or door. For cleaning the drum, use baking soda and vinegar with water. Wipe the door, lid and detergent compartment with a clean cloth. Keep the door ajar between loads for air circulation.

• Do not put a toilet brush back into its holder immediately after cleaning the toilet. If you do that, the moisture and germs from the toilet get trapped in the container and brush, where they breed and multiply. After scrubbing, wash it and allow it to dry completely before putting it back to the holder. CLEANING TECHNIQUES


In today’s fast-paced life, we often do not get the time to clean the house and yet it has to be done. So you should try to make the most of your time and achieve the feat fast. In order to be fast you have to be systematic. Clean the whole house and not one room at a time. Thus if you are dusting, do the same task in every room until you are done with it. Another important thing is, gather all your cleaning tools in one portable basket or caddy. Moreover, make sure the you have all the necessary  disinfectants, microfiber cloth, cleaner and other cleaning agents in your stock, before you start the job. This way, you will have everything handy and that will surely save your time. CLEANING TECHNIQUES

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