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Durga Puja 2019

The biggest festival of the Bengalis is here. Durga Puja 2019! There is a festive ambience all over the city. People are in a huge hurry to complete their last minute shopping. There are frenzied activities going on in the Puja pandals where the artisans are struggling hard to meet their dead lines. The streets are lined up with huge hoardings and lightings . The city is gearing up to host the biggest event of the year. But as we are mostly concentrating on the celebrarion part, aren’t we overlooking some very essential aspects?

While enjoying ourselves to the fullest, we must not forget about the health and hygiene part. Unfortunately, Dengue fever is here again and it is disrupting several lives. We all must carefully avoid to do anything that would create breeding places for mosquitoes. After having foods and beverages in the stalls, we should dispose the cups and plates in proper dustbins and should not just throw them here and there. Plastics should be avoided by all means as they are absolutely harmful for the environment. The packets of potato chips or pop corns or other plastics should never be thrown in drains as this would lead to clogging of the same. Accumulation of waste products on the riad sides or clogging of drains create breeding places for dengue mosquitoes.

That apart, while visiting pandals, we should not indulge in pushing and jostling as those can lead to discomfort and even injuries. In fact, we should make way for senior citizens or kids so that they too get a chance to enter the pandal peacefully. Puja organisers should be careful so as not to play the loud speakers after 10p.m . Sound emanating from the mikes or loudspeakers should be kept under the specified decibel such that to avoid sound pollution. Moreover fire and other electric arrangements of the pandals need to be handled very carefully so that these do not lead to any accident.  All in all, we should enjoy but should also be careful of the fact that our enjoyment should not lead to anyone else’s inconvenience.

durga puja 2019
Durga Puja 2019

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