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Happy Diwali 2019
KALIPUJA/DIWALI- Kolkata Facilities Management


Kali puja is the next big festival in the season, post Durga puja. Also known as Shyama puja, this festival dedicated to Goddess Kali is celebrated in a big way in regions like West Bengal, Orissa, Bihar, Assam and Bangladesh.  Kali puja coincidences with the Lakshmi puja day of Diwali and while we venerate Goddess Kali on this day, the rest of India worships Goddess Lakshmi on Diwali. Kali puja/ Diwali is the festival of lights and colours. There are lights everywhere – puja pandals, houses, streets, commercial complexes all get decorated in different types of lights. Bursting crackers and lighting fireworks also form an integral part of Kali puja/ Diwali celebration. However it is time to be a little more careful in how we choose to celebrate because our celebration should not cause harm to the environment or animals.

Say “no” to sound and air pollution :

Air or sound pollution should be kept under check as we go about making merry. Bursting crackers lead to sound pollution of high level as most of the people still do not follow the regulations regarding decibel. But we need to know that high decibel fire crackers not only cause noise pollution but are extremely harmful for ailing people, old people with weaker hearts and the pets like cats, dogs or birds. Moreover there are some fireworks that emit lots of smoke which pollute the environment and are extremely detrimental to our health. We should strictly say “No” to such things because pollution of all types are creating health hazards, all across the nation.

Our environment, our concern:

Kali puja in the land of Kali is celebrated with much pomp and festivity and fireworks. In fact our whole nation celebrates Diwali with a lot of lights and fireworks. However it is time we stop exploding patakhas or other fireworks, because it is harming our environment infinitely. With global warming becoming a world-wide concern, shouldn’t we be a little more careful? Global warming is the long-term rise in the average temperature of the earth’s climate system. The effects of global warming include rising sea levels, regional changes in precipitation, more frequent extreme weather events such as heat waves and expansion of deserts. As stated by Greta Thunberg, a sixteen- year old Swedish teenager who has become ” a messianic figure for climate change “, we are truly heading towards mass extinction. And it is because our entire eco-system is collapsing. Thus as responsible citizens we should stop bursting crackers or fireworks as a part of merry making and instead decorate our homes with diyas, rangolis and flowers. Please let us all try to be a little more responsible and save our selves and our planet!

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